Garden Maintenance in Staffordshire and Cheshire

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At this time of year, we hope for warm weather so we can spend as much time as possible out in our gardens. Our gardens are great social spaces to relax and entertain family and friends, so we want to make sure they look their best whatever the weather! Here are some deadheading tips for the next few weeks which will mean that your garden will have fantastic flowering when it’s in bloom for 2016!

When you dead-head a plant all the energy has to go somewhere. This means that the energy which was once being used on the heads can then focus on better and healthier flowering in the future.

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Removing any dead flower heads also prevents petal drop on to lawns and patio areas and can save you any unnecessary raking or tidying, therefore not wasting precious time that could be spent on other areas on your garden.

With larger soft stem plants you can easily pinch the head and pull it away from the stem. If you have a daintier flower, this will need to be trimmed using secateurs so that you don’t damage the stem.

Watch out! – When you’re taking care of the perennials in your garden, look out for early buds that might be appearing. New flowers can hide amongst the leaves and further down the stems, so make sure you check the plant before you start snipping away!