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Agapanthus ‘Margaret’
Raspberry ‘Twotimer Sugana’
Digitalis ‘Surendipilty’
Cabbage ‘Winter jewel’
Gaura lindheimeeri ‘Ruby Ruby’
Acer circinatum ‘Burgundy jewel’
Is a new and evergreen cultivar. The stem can grow up to 60cm tall and supports a powder-blue flower-head.
This cultivar provides two crops of large fruit each year. It grows well even in small spaces and shows good resistance to disease.
Produces a strong rosette of mid-green. It then puts up a tall flower spike which features tubular flowers with waved petals. If it’s cut back immediately after the flowering season, it forms a multi-headed rosette the next year.
 Ideal for over-wintering in a vegetable garden. This crop produces evenly sized, smooth, dark green leaves which eventually form loose heads.
A resilient perennial with its stems that can reach 50cm tall. They produce delicate, dark pink blooms throughout the summer months. It grows best in full sun and well-drained soil. 
This burgundy colour is held mostly in summer in a moderately sunny position, where it then changes to a vibrant red or orange colour in autumn.
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