May Garden

We seem to be getting a varied weather forecast over the last month or so. One moment there is bright sunny days and clear blue skies and the next we are sheltering from the rain or even hail stones and thunder storms!

With this unpredictable weather, we must make sure that we regularly keep check on the garden. Believe it or not, it’s still not too late for a frost, so keep check on your plants and make sure that they are fit a healthy. Also, big gusts of wind can damage plant growth so keep delicate plants in a sheltered spot.

Now to the other extreme – As the weather gets warmer, everything in your garden is going to grow. This means that all of you keen gardeners are going to have to up your game over the late spring and summer months, especially if you want a great place to sit out in. I’m sure that you will be wanting to spend as much time as possible relaxing in your neat and tidy, weed free garden!

The key to a healthy and fantastic looking garden is maintenance, keeping on top of summer growth is essential this month and going forward during the summer months. Here are a few May Garden tips and ideas to help you on your way and make your garden look great:

  • The grass needs to be tended to on a weekly basis just as long as you lawns aren’t too boggy from the occasional rain shower.
  • Weeds are every gardener’s nightmare during the summer months. Keeping on top of the new weed growth is vital if you want to have a stunning garden.
  • We aren’t short of water currently, but beware, there may be a drought this summer – reuse any water you can on your garden to prevent wastage. Save your bath water, rain water, even dish water if it isn’t too grimy and reuse this on your garden.
  • A spring clean would be very useful this month – clean out your greenhouse from dirt that has built up over the colder months.
  • Don’t plant out tender bedding until at least the middle of the month and make sure that it is warm and dry weather – just to be on the safe side. We don’t want your planting to be ruined by a surprise frost.