Maintained Garden

The month of November is only a few days away so there are a few little jobs that you could do. Take a look at our November tips:

Top Tips
Garden Maintenance

  • It’s your last chance to sow grass seed – this time of year is most recommended. If the weather reports predict cold weather and heavy rain then it’s important to cover the seeded area to protect it.
  • If you currently have shade paint on your greenhouse glass then this should be removed now in order to allow extra light in.
  • Refill all of your bird feeds – the wildlife will begin to find it much more difficult to find food over the next few months, so make sure you look after your garden visitors this autumn.

Mowed Lawn
Plant Focus – Anemone Hybrida – “Japanese anemone” has tall stems with white or pink flowers, which will quite happily grow in most places in your garden and help to keep the colour during the autumnal months.

We hope that you enjoyed our November tips this month! Get in touch for more information on things you could do to help your garden look fantastic, ready for the winter! Give us a call for more information or e-mail us.