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Buddleja davidii reve de Papillon Clematis ‘celebration’ Rosa Claire Marshall (‘Harunite’) Apple ‘Redlove Era’ Helenium ‘Gelbe Waltraut’ Cypripedium Sebastian
This is attractive to butterflies and produces impressive, large, bright pink flower heads up to 40cm and has a neat, compact habit. It has a long flowering period from July to October, which makes it an excellent long lasting summer-shrub. Produces showy, blue-flushed double flowers in May and in June, followed by singular flowers later in the season. It also has lively, golden leaves and stems with attractive red margins. A good example of a modern rose which produces beautifully attractive, fragrant flowers. It has a compact, bushy habit which makes it suitable for small gardens. Also this rose produces blooms continuously throughout summer. This fruit is harvestable from September and can be stored up until late December. The crisp, juicy apples may be pressed of cooked and have the added ability of producing an array of beautiful, deep pink blossoms. Flowers from late June onwards through summer. This cultivar produces beautiful flowers with yellow florets, which surround central, light brown cones. This hardy orchid has attractive, broad leaves, and forms many flowers in late May, sometimes with added flowers upon one stem. It is happy when positioned in dappled shade and thrives in moist, open soil that is well draining.

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