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All the new shoots will be breaking through your soil this spring and will need protecting. Pests like those annoying slugs do love the new plant growth so you will need to think ahead about plant protection.

One way to keep slugs, earwigs and other soft-bodied pests away from your plants is to sprinkle diatomaceous earth over the plants and around the edges of your garden beds. It may be a good idea to use a mask when putting this down because if you inhale it, it can be irritating.

To protect pot plants, stand them on steel wool as slugs hate crawling over it. Also, materials such as pine needles, eggshells, thorny prunings and sand can be added to your beds, this creates a prickly barrier which will inhibit the slugs from appearing.

In addition, there are a number of different insects and animals which can benefit your garden by keeping pests away. Ladybirds, hoverflies and the Song Thrush will eat lots of different garden pests, so if you can, encourage them into your garden!

Japanese Knotweed

Although this is not a creature – this is definitely a pest to your garden! Japanese Knotweed will completely take over your garden if you have it on-site and do not treat it. It will take all of the nutrients away from other plants in your garden and cause them to starve. Take a look at Japanese Knotweed Expert, who specialise in the remediation of Japanese Knotweed and can provide all of the relevant documents.

If you need help with plant protection in your garden then feel free to give us a call using our contact page for further information about our services!