Additional Garden Services

Additional Garden Maintenance Services

As autumn and winter approach you may think that the work in your garden has finished. However, you are mistaken, there are many tasks to do in your garden to ensure that it survives the winter and is ready for spring.

The additional garden services we offer below, are ideally carried out in autumn or winter, however, they can also be carried out at any time throughout the year. Read on to find out more….

Cleaning Gutters

Obviously, the guttering runs all your surplus rainwater from your roof and into the drains. However, your guttering can become blocked by excess moss from your roof, leaves, twigs and weeds can even start growing.

It may seem a small problem, but they can all block your guttering and downspouts, so it is important that we clear this debris from the guttering. If we don’t then the blockage can cause the water to spill over and damage fascia’s and soffits, it can even damage brickwork.

Not only can it cause damage to our property, but it can look very unsightly having leaves and weeds growing from your guttering!

It is an essential maintenance task which we at Blue Iris Landscapes can assist with.

Cleaning of Sewage Drains

It can be very expensive to replace underground drains! Roots form large trees can break through your drains, causing you undue expense.

To inhibit or stop roots damaging your drains we offer our customers a drain cleaning service. We can rod the drains to clear any blockages and apply an anti-root compound to inhibit the growth and damage that roots can cause to your drains.

The benefit of this small job being carried out once a year, especially if your property is surrounded by trees, is that you will have no issues with your drains from roots. This is even truer if you live in an older property with clay drains; as roots from trees like Conifers, Willows, Poplar and other trees can easily break through.

Contact us today to take advantage of this service and stop any undue expense to yourself.

Additional Garden Services

We also offer several other essential garden services, click on the links below to learn more about these garden services:

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