Garden Irrigation

Irrigation systems can be automated or manual with the objective of keeping your plants, whether in the ground or in pots, watered consistently.

If you are trying to keep a border flourishing that is situated on a south facing slope, a soaker hose kit may be the perfect option. These work best when the soaker hose needs to extend no longer than 30m. If it does extend further than this we can design around this limitation. To operate one, you simply turn on the tap, the hose fills up and water exudes from the pipe watering the plants in your border. This type of system can work really well if linked to a ‘Water timer’. This then controls the water flow to your plants, ensuring regular watering.

If you have hanging baskets or pots a slightly different watering solution or Irrigation system will be required. With this type of system you have a main feed pipe, which you then add connectors to. This means additional lengths of pipe can come of this main feed pipe. The drip feeders are then connected to these lengths of pipe. The good drip feeders are all adjustable so that you can get the right amount of water into each pot or hanging basket.

One of the advantages of this is that, as with the soaker hose, you can add a water timer so that the watering process can be automated. This is ideal if you are a busy person or are going on holiday.

The most common Irrigation system that we install is the drip feed for pots and hanging baskets. If you need any advice about Irrigation Systems then please do get in touch.