Japanese Gardens

This style of garden is amazing when you have a great design and it is fully implemented. Often we see Japanese themed gardens rather than a true Japanese garden.

The idea behind a Japanese garden is that it is an area of tranquillity and utilises the natural environment, even if you create that natural environment rather than man made features. We often see water features, in particular ponds and streams, and ideally Koi carp are included as one of the oldest descriptions of Japanese gardens is that of Emperor Keikō who “rejoiced to see them morning and evening.” Bridges over these water features are often included.

The planting can be minimal as well as luxuriant depending on the look you are aiming for and often plants are trimmed into shapes similar to a bonsai. Trees of the Prunus genus are usually used along with Cercidiphyllum japonicum, Pines and Bamboo to give winter interest. Often gravel and large weathered rocks are also used, to represent how time is constantly moving onwards.

Finally, lanterns are used. These are normally stone structures where candles or other sources of light can be incorporated and they always look really good, especially if you invest in a real stone one.

If you are thinking of having a Japanese garden, do please get in touch so that we can discuss ideas to ensure you get the best possible garden for your home or headquarters.