Modern Gardens

Also known as Contemporary, Minimalist or Formal gardens, Modern gardens are very popular at the moment. They normally have straight lines as a feature of their design. They also quite often have gravel or slate within in them and the planting is minimal, again often in straight lines or blocks to give maximum impact.

Other features include lighting, rendered walls to give that clean minimal look, and composite decking is quite often used along with fire pits to add a real feature. Often we are asked to use water or at least incorporate the sound of water into this style of garden. This is rarely a pond but is more likely to be a ‘Rill’ style water feature.

As you can see a lot of the ingredients that make up a Modern or Contemporary garden can be used in other styles of garden as well. This is why the design of this type of garden is so important, to maximise the space and ensure the brief is fulfilled for the client.

Modern gardens compliment a range of different types of property and can certainly give your garden a wow factor, even if your garden is small. This is definitely a style to consider when thinking of a change.