Planting of Trees

Certain trees and large bushes need to have additional support because of their size. When the stakes used for supporting such trees and bushes are correctly employed they can be used for a short period of time until the tree becomes established. The choice of trees we can plant in your garden is endless!

We can help to advise you on many different factors when it comes to trees. These can include which type of tree will: –

  • Thrive in each particular soil;
  • Mature to the desired height of the customers choosing;
  • Tolerate sunny or exposed areas in a garden;
  • Grow in boggy, clay or very dry soil;
  • Keep their leaves, providing permanent privacy;
  • Be the customer’s favourite colour.

We thought we would list some trees that we would highly recommend and why.

Amelanchier canadensis is a small compact tree whose new leaves are a copper red as they appear. It is often mistaken for a cherry tree in the spring as it becomes covered in white blossom. In the summer there is no real interest, however in the autumn it produces purplish berries and has great autumnal colour as long as the weather is cold.

Magnolia grandiflora is an evergreen tree with beautiful large white to cream flowers in the spring. Ideal if you want additional privacy but also require some colour in the spring.

Acer davidii is also known as the Snakebark Acer and it really lives up to its name. This is a medium sized tree that casts a dappled shadow, so if you have a medium to large garden it is well worth considering. Another tree that is lovely, and there is a great example at Bodnant Gardens, is the Cercidiphyllum japonicum. Originally from Japan, where it will reach 30 metres in height, in this country it rarely reaches 10 metres tall and is quite often grown as a multi-stemmed tree but this isn’t necessary. The leaves are a lovely green in the summer but they turn an amazing array of red yellow and orange in the autumn. At this time of year they also have a great smell, that of burnt sugar, which has earned it the common name of the Candy Floss tree.

There are many trees that we could include but one that we personally like is the Liriodendron tulipifera, also known as the Tulip tree. This is great tree and ideal if you have a medium to large garden. The only drawback is that you have to wait until the tree is circa 40 years old before it will flower. So maybe a tree for the next generation or those that want to leave a legacy as they are not common and look incredible when in flower!

If you are thinking of having some trees planted, why not get in touch for some more advice and a site visit?