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Through our expert knowledge of plants, we can plant up borders with a range of plants that will give colour and interest all year round!

That interest may come in the form of beautiful flowers such as Hibiscus, but it also may be the type of leaf, such as Ilex aquifolium ‘Ferox’ known as the Hedgehog Holly where the prickles are on the top of the leaf. The interest may even come from the colour of the stems or trunk of a tree such as Prunus serrula where the bark is like a polished mahogany or Rubus cockburnianus that is a white stemmed bramble and looks amazing in the winter.

Each type of plant requires individual and specific conditions to thrive. This can include needing different nutrients, pH levels (Hydrogen ion content), amounts of water, sunlight levels and organic matter content. A small oversight in the balance of any of these conditions can result in plants being put under stress. This can make them vulnerable to pests and disease. As fully trained horticulturists, we can identify and rectify the problem to make sure you get the very best from your garden. We have much experience in the planting and maintenance of trees, shrubs, perennials and herbaceous plants. With the correct planting scheme, you can achieve colour and interest to tantalise the senses all year round, even in the depths of winter.