Dementia Gardens

“A garden can help people living with dementia enjoy socialising and connect with others by creating a shared experience, to take part in physical activity and stimulate the senses and memories, all of which greatly improves their well-being.” – The Alzheimer’s Society

Dementia Gardens are specially designed to suit the needs of someone living with dementia. Even a small space can relieve stress and help with physical health, whilst providing both peaceful and stimulating areas.

Dementia Garden

A dementia garden should be easily accessible, with the paths often leading back to where they started. It’s imperative that there are no blockages and that the space is safe and secure. Most importantly, there should be lots of seating areas, both sheltered and unsheltered. Aesthetically, a dementia garden should contain carefully selected plants, providing a range of colours, fragrances and textures.

With over 850,000 currently living with dementia in the UK, it is important that we find dementia-friendly and sustainable options, that can be used for generations to come.

For more information regarding our dementia garden designs please contact us directly.

Sensory Garden