Snow Clearing

Blue Iris offer a fantastic and reliable service of snow clearing and gritting.

Our snow clearing service is available to all. Whether it’s clearing paths and driveways on an ad hoc basis (when you call, we come and grit) or you have a maintenance contract with ourselves which means we will automatically come out to grit and clear the area before 8 am.

Is it a requirement for commercial businesses to clear the snow and grit public pathways?

According to HSE, when an accident occurs and is reported to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive). An investigation will then begin to see whether any precautions could have been taken. Depending on the severity of the accident, actions could include:

  • Verbal advice
  • A letter of advice
  • Serving of official notice
  • Prosecution

It is statistically proven that slip and trip hazards increase during autumn and winter due to the weather conditions. At Blue Iris Landscapes, we find that having a maintenance contract is especially popular with commercial clients. As they recognise that we will make sure that the areas most used by pedestrians are cleared of snow and gritted. This makes sure that they cannot be held liable if a member of the public, or an employee, falls over. As they have a contract with Blue Iris Landscapes to clear any snow and grit any areas with the potential to become slippery due to icy conditions.

If you need any assistance during the winter months with snow clearing or gritting, please feel free to contact us.