Tree Surgery and Planting

Tree Surgery and Pruning Services

Trees are the most important natural resource in a garden. Trees not only add colour and interest to gardens all year round, but they are vital for our wildlife and the environment. From time to time specimen trees need attention to keep them balanced and healthy. We carry out major tree work, light pruning and crown lifting, as well as preventative measures to ensure that the tree remains healthy and an asset to your garden. This is all covered by our tree surgery and planting services, read on to learn more.

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are a marvellous addition to any garden and can even be grown in pots. These trees can help develop the interest of children in natural living things – they can derive great enjoyment from seeing the fruits develop and ripen before they eventually eat them. To get the best from your fruit trees, however, correct pruning at the correct time is essential. Fruit trees can be grown as half standards, full standards, espalier, cordon and fan. All of these require individual pruning techniques. With the correct pruning, increased fruiting and aesthetic shaping can be achieved.

Tree Pruning

Through careful pruning we can reduce the height of large trees, as well as lifting the crown and reducing the density of branches internally to let more light get through the crown to the grass underneath. The general shape and aesthetics of the tree can be kept throughout, in order to ensure our clients are happy with the results.

Tree Removal

At times, it is necessary to fell trees. Our experienced team can remove trees with a minimum amount of fuss. If you are in a conservation area, or a tree has a Tree Preservation Order on it, we can liaise with the council on your behalf and gain the necessary permissions that are required. We will happily come out and assess your trees to advise you on the best course of action.

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