As promised, lLawn Mowing, Border Maintenance 6ast week was a scorcher! As the sun beats down on our gardens, our thoughts often turn to how we will prevent them from drying out and keep our gardens looking lush for the summer. Many can be tempted into watering plants and grass morning noon and night, but this can cause damage to our gardens and most importantly – wastewater! Here are our summer top tips for looking after your gardens:

  • Water your pots and herbaceous plants when the sun is low in the sky. First thing in the morning or last thing at night is best. When thLawn Mowing, Large Lawn, Holmes Chapel 1e sun shines down onto the water, it acts as a magnifying glass and can burn leaves and petals, so water in the evening if you can. Watering in the evening especially can reduce the chance of evaporation leaving more water for your plants.
  • The same goes for your greenhouse, where the glass can magnify the rays and scorch the plants inside. Keep the doors and windows open during the day, as this will ensure the soil doesn’t dry out as quick- but don’t forget to shut them if colder weather is forecast!
  • The grass is more resilient to the dry weather than you may think, but they still need some TLC. To keep moisture in, cut your grass less frequently when the weather is hot, and raise the height of your mower blades. Grass doesn’t need to be watered as often as your plants, so check the weather forecast and only water your lawn if there is no sign of rain all week.