Targeting Slugs and Snails

Many species of slugs and snails are common to every garden. These pests often damage seedlings and the soft growth to herbaceous plants. Controlling the spread of these pests, especially in spring and autumn can have maximum effect and considerably reduces the breeding population.

Damage caused by slugs and snails

Slugs and snails do feed during the day, especially if it’s wet. However they are usually more active at night. The most damage occurs on low growing plants, although Cornu aspersum snails (common garden snails) can, climb up stems damaging leaves and woody plants on the way.

Our plants underground are also under attack, The Tantonia budapestensis, can damage potato tubers and tulip bulbs.

Slugs and snails can really cause damage to our plants and it can make our plants look lifeless and unattractive in our garden. If you would like more information on how to control your pests in your garden then please contact us.