Gardening jobs to do in June:

Our recommended list…

  1. Move exotic plants from the greenhouse out into a sheltered spot of the garden.
  1. Continue removing side shoots from cordon tomatoes and train plants up supports.
  1. Tie in sweet peas and remove tendrils for better flower quality. Sweet pea vines have tendrils and will attach themselves to any type of support that has meshing or lines. Regular deadheading or cutting for display will help keep them blooming for longer. Sweet peas require regular watering, especially as the temperature starts to increase.
  1. Pinch out new shoots on fig trees to five leaves, keeping plants compact.
  1. Ensure good ventilation by opening greenhouse doors and vents on warm days.
  1. Take softwood cuttings of pelargoniums and fuchsias. When the temperature drops in the winter, it is essential to shelter these plants or they will not survive in the outdoors.


Summer is now getting into full flow and so small garden jobs or maintenance are required to keep your garden looking neat and tidy. If you have any further enquiries or would like us to look at a maintenance or landscaping job please contact us on: –


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