Many Alliums are grown for their ornamental qualities; however, this cannot be said for all of them. Some are persistent weeds. Have a look at the different types of alliums:

  • The Invasive Type – White-flowered species cause the most problems. Not only do these include native species, but naturalised too. Some of these include:
  • Allium Paradoxum – This species spreads by seed.
  • Allium Subhirsutum – This has eye-catching white flowers but self-seeds.

Controlling Alliums

Try to avoid adding potted plants or soil with suspected ‘weedy’ alliums. Also, a residual weed killer can be used around established woody plants or in uncultured areas.

Spotting the difference between our ornamental plant and invasive plants can be difficult but we hope you have found this short article about alliums useful. If you would like more information on Alliums or would like some assistance in removing weeds from your garden then please contact us by calling: 01782 396 168 or email us at We would love to hear from you with any thoughts on our articles, questions or requests.