Tree Surveys

The two primary reasons for having a tree survey carried out are for insurance purposes or to support planning applications for a building project.

When we carry out tree surveys, this can be for one tree or for a large site. We have recently surveyed over a 100 trees on a site in Stafford; this was for insurance reasons and so that a program of ongoing maintenance could be produced. The report included:

  • The trees marked upon a plan of the site
  • The common and Latin name of each tree
  • The diameter of the trunk
  • Their approximate height and spread of the canopy
  • The approximate age of each tree
  • A brief description of each tree and its’ health
  • The “estimated remaining contribution”

As well as the trees on site, any trees adjacent to the site will also need to be surveyed as they will require root protection plans. This is due to their close proximity to the site and the risk of their roots spreading into the area being built upon.

All of our tree surveys are carried out to the statutory requirements of the BS5837:2012.

We can normally carry out a tree survey within three working days of customer confirmation. This can mean that there are no delays, allowing the project to move ahead on schedule.

If you would like to speak to us about having your trees surveyed, or for any advice about your trees, please get in touch!

If you are a commercial client looking for a Tree Survey, why not take a look at Prohort Ltd, our sister company, who deals with all technical horticulture documents, including Tree Surveys. ProHort works closely with architects, surveyors and solicitors throughout the UK providing the surveys, plans and reports you require to ensure that you successfully complete planning applications  and have the necessary documents for development projects.