Are You Thinking About Having your Lawns Landscaped? Here at blue iris landscapes, we can offer different solutions.

Bee heaven– A substantial lawn can be altered malformed into a meadow. Mow paths where you need to cross and grow wildflowers that support the wildlife around you.

Hard choices made easier-in areas where a hard surface would work better than lawn; try to make it porous to prevent water run-off problems. One way you can do this is by laying porous resin-bound gravel is ideal and is quick to lay.

In Clover-white clover seed mix is stately whilst trying to attain the meadow look as it stays green all year round, competes with weeds, needs no feeding and feeds the soil itself. It is also a good food supply to bees is low maintenance and can even withstand light foot traffic.

Shore thing-if you need an area you can walk over, try mulch. They aren’t all brown and tiresome.

Thyme– in Edwardian times, thyme lawns were popular, low maintenance garden features. Thymus serpyllum forms an aromatic, abundant green carpet with appealing pink summer flowers.

Flower carpet– for areas you don’t wish to walk on you can grow a flower carpet of wildflowers that turn vacant corners into a thriving habitat.

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Blue Iris Landscapes Gardens answer your questions

How can you stop local squirrels, thieves of border bulbs?                     

Squirrels seek tulips by smell and to put them off you can plant the bulbs considerably deeper in the ground than normal. You can also place a piece of medium-gauge chicken wire horizontally over groups of bulbs as you earth them up so as the wire is invisible (about 20cm under the soil).

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