The popularity of Artificial Grass has grown significantly over the past few years. Whether it be for low maintenance or if you are looking for something different in your garden, there are many pros and cons when changing to artificial grass!


  • Pesticide free: Unlike natural turf, artificial grass doesn’t require any feed and weed treatments, fertilizers or pesticides.
  • Saves water: Grass absorbs a lot of water! Artificial grass doesn’t need watering thus saving us lots of water!
  • Lower maintenance costs: in the summer you need to cut your lawn at least once a week, not to mention the weeding, feeding and strimming that you may also have to do.


  • Heat: In really hot weather, artificial grass absorbs that much heat that it would be unbearable to walk on. This would mean you would be unable to use your grass in the hot weather, a time where you are most likely to be making use of your garden.
  • Breathing problems: breathing in any dust that may come from the plastic could be potentially hazardous to somebody with breathing problems.
  • Price: The initial price for artificial grass is usually quite high. It may take some time to recoup the money you have spent on laying the grass.

By reading this article, it means that you can make an informed choice before making the big decision! 

Here is a job that we completed last summer.

Artificial Turf Werrington Timber Frame

We first of all created a wooden frame.

Artificial Turf Werrington Timber Frame Hardcore

We then created a level surface.

Artificial Turf, Werrington, Preparation, Janet Cummings, Werrington

Artificial Turf, Werrington, Preparation, Janet Cummings, Werrington 1

Artificial Turf

We then added the artificial turf. Don’t you think it looks brilliant?

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