Gardening and Schools

With the rise in interest in our environment it is vital that we teach our children about the natural environment. Some frightening statistics really demonstrate this need:

“A third of children are not aware that milk comes from cows…also 40% think cows drink milk rather than produce it.” A further 36% of 16 – 23-year-olds do not know that bacon comes from pigs.’

If these statistics are correct it is vital for some additional education to occur in the natural sciences and this is where we come in to assist schools and academies.

We have been involved in multiple aspects of horticulture / gardening within schools. These have varied from assisting in the design of a vegetable patch to the design of a whole garden space and green house. We have also been involved in the actual teaching of classes based around gardening, which normally take a very practical direction with us providing seed trays, compost seeds and the necessary equipment for them to plant their own food. As the course progresses we can teach, if required, the science behind what the plants need as well as the practical care needed for each crop to do well.

Learning is not a spectator sport. We learn by being involved, by being creative and how we involve the students gives them new knowledge and skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

The objective of being involved in gardening within a School environment is to cultivate a deep interest in the natural world as well as open up new avenues for their futures. This is very much in line with our purpose of: “Making a positive difference through the improvement of our surrounding landscape.”

We can design a bespoke gardening interaction for your school, academy, or students based on the brief you provide. This could be a design for a garden or vegetable patch, or we can construct one for you. As we have previously said we can also create a bespoke learning experience that will be fit for the age and capability of your students whether that be for just one hour or several sessions lasting up to a full academic year.

We look forward to hearing from you, please get in touch for more information.