Something to consider doing this month is adding mulch to your garden, whether it’s to your borders, under trees or other soil areas. This will add lots of nutrients to your garden and therefore make healthy and happy plants.

Usually, people associate mulching with late winter. This is because mulching at this time of the year helps to improve the quality of soil, prevents weeds and helps to contain water which reduces the amount of water loss.

However, not all mulching benefits come from winter. Autumn mulching has a special purpose in protecting the roots of young plants from upcoming frosts. Autumn mulching also benefits the gardener as it helps spread the workload through the year.

Another factor of autumn mulching is the effect on the soil. On heavy soils with a high amount of clay in it, autumn mulching helps to avert soil erosion and surface compaction from heavy winter rain. By doing this the mulch absorbs runoff and reduces puddles being formed.

Other benefits of mulching are the appearance of the garden ensuring it looks neat and tidy. It also reduces the time needed on jobs such as weeding and watering plants.

If you require any further information on autumn mulching or any other gardening inquiry, then please contact us. We would love to hear from you and help you make your garden much more healthy and happy over the autumn period!