Fact or Fiction?

‘Autumn is a great time to start your garden makeover.’


Claire Wakefield November 2016 (26)Autumn is fast becoming one of the more popular seasons to start garden makeovers for many reasons! Firstly, renovating your outdoor space in Autumn means you can enjoy your new garden as soon as Spring arrives. Waiting until Spring means you may have to sacrifice time spent outdoors whilst work is completed. Furthermore, Spring and Summer can prove a very busy time for your garden. We like to spend the warmer months hosting BBQs, playing outside with our children and exercising pets. To keep disturbance to a minimum it is best to choose a quieter time of year to start work.

Finally, Autumn is usually a perfect time for gardeners to work with mild weather and soft ground. It is also an ideal time to move trees and shrubs which enables you to hold on to any favourites even if they must be re-planted.

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