Bamboo can look great in your garden as a focal point. However, if they are left to grow without any maintenance, they can become an invasive plant and become hard to control.

Bamboo Facts

  • Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet
  • It can grow to a height of 30cm to 20m tall!
  • It can grow to 3 feet tall in 24 hours
  • It releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere and absorbs more carbon dioxide compared to other plants.
  • Bamboo does not need fertilizers for optimal growth. Leaves that fall off provide lots of nutrients for the plant.
  • It can live for more than 120 years in the wild.
  • There is almost 1500 species of Bamboo.

Bamboo grows well in well-drained soil in a sheltered sunny spot. It will grow in poor soil, but not in very wet or extremely dry conditions. You should plant bamboo in the Spring so that it will produce fresh canes for the summer. The soil should be dug over and compost should be added to it to improve the condition of the soil. It enables it to hold more water.

Make sure that you water your bamboo thoroughly during dry periods. If you want to try and confine bamboo to one particular area, planting in pots is a great idea. This stops the wild spread. With little effort Bamboo can look great. In the Spring make sure that you remove any weak dead or damaged canes and remove any debris at the base of the bamboo.