How to get the Best from your Carrots

Have you got your own patch of food garden at home? Or is this something that you have wanted to do for a while? Whether you are a professional or have no idea how to start off, it may be a good idea to grow carrots this year. They’re easy to grow and can be used for so many different tasty meals!

Carrots are easily and quickly grown and can be sown to crop from early summer to early winter. Sow seed in early spring (cover the seeds in a fleece). Then sow the seeds for a final time at the beginning of the summer. Sowing for harvest is between 10-16 weeks.

Carrots will grow in any soil type, but if the soil is cold, wet and full of clay do not sow before late spring.

Once you have your very own home grow carrots, the possibilities are endless! You could make carrot cake, home-made coleslaw, include them on your Sunday dinner or make a soup or stew. Yummy! The kids will love to see their very own homegrown carrots on their plate – this is useful especially if they don’t like eating veg.

Growing your own fruit and vegetables can be fun and very rewarding for all. However, knowing how to look after them and when to sow the seeds can differ from all fruit and vegetable plants so we hope that this little article will help you to have a productive and rewarding time.

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