Choosing Winter Bedding

Adding early flowering bulbs such as snowdrops, and crocus can improve the display and layout of even the smallest bedding areas in gardens, especially containers.

Winter-Interest Pots

Group containers near the house for simplicity of viewing and easy maintenance.

Plant up containers in early autumn using free-draining compost to prevent flowers and young plants from rotting. However, water whilst plants are still developing. To prevent waterlogging, ensure that the pots are raised on some bricks to give enough space for the water to drain.

Garden centres offer a range of winter bedding however they are not always named. Below are a few winter bedding options Blue Iris Landscapes recommend;


Winter Bedding
Bellis perennis- spring star, mixed (double daisies)
Erysimum cheiri- Citrona series
Viola Friolina
Primula Romio – mixed 
Viola x wittrockiana – Northern lights (winter pansies)

Winter can be very cold and dull, so having knowledge of a range of winter bedding plants can help your garden to be alive and to add some colour to your garden to those cold months. Blue Iris Landscapes hope that this little article will help you know what plants are the best and how to look after them. If you would like more information on winter bedding or our maintenance service, then please contact us.