Cleaning your Pond

Early autumn is the most suitable time to clean ponds as the water is at its lowest level and the young amphibians have gone. Also, by cleaning your pond out every year, prevents it from being boggy and silted up.

Tidy up

Remove the vegetation, produced and algae that has built up over the summer. Avoid extreme changes in the amount of vegetation that you remove or replace as this can upset the balance of the ponds ecosystems. No more than half of the pond plants should be removed at any time as this leaves a safe place for wildlife. Leave material on the side of the pond so that wildlife attached to it can crawl back in. As the winter months approach, many pond plants die off. Unless they are removed the remains use up oxygen from the water, therefore starving the remaining plants from there needed supply of oxygen.

Finish off

This is the time to clean all your pond equipment before the winter draws in. Rainwater is better than tap water as it is lower in minerals that promote algal growth. The final job is to exclude falling leaves with a net over the pond.

If you would like further information on how to clean your pond or would like Blue Iris Landscapes to assist you in anyway, please contact us.