Brenda Neild - Completed Landscaping

Family Friendly Landscaping in Staffordshire

As a landscaping company, we had the pleasure of landscaping this lovely garden. The client required family-friendly landscaping to be carried out. As a result, we completely landscaped the whole of the rear garden to make it easier to maintain and more aesthetically pleasing, whilst still keeping it family-friendly.

To begin the family-friendly landscaping in Staffordshire, we needed to add tiers to the garden due to the garden having a slight slope. By tiering the garden, we created several level areas which were easier to maintain. To retain each of these areas we inserted two small retaining sleeper walls which ran the width of the garden. As you can see from the images they ensured that the ground was retained but gave level sections to the garden. To gain easy access to each level, steps were inserted into the walls.

The area closest to the house was paved in Indian stone. This created a lovely patio area for the family to sit and relax on. Two further areas were turfed with a high-quality turf which needs little maintenance, apart from mowing.

A smaller raised border was created at the top of the garden and we planted this up with a mixture of shrubs, perennials, and herbaceous plants. This gives interest to the garden all year round. The mixture of plants will give different interest throughout the year, whether it be from the scent of the flower, the colour of the leaves or the colour of the stem or bark.

When landscaping a garden, it is essential to keep the client’s specifications at the forefront to ensure that a garden is created that they can enjoy. Due to this client having a young family we ensured that the garden was family-friendly.

We laid an additional paved area at the top of the garden for the Wendy house to sit on. As you can see from the images we also inserted a sunken trampoline adding interest for the children and ensuring the family-friendly landscaping specification was met.

Our Promise

We are sure that this garden will give our client and their family hours of enjoyment throughout the year.

This practical yet aesthetically pleasing garden is just one example of the many gardens we have landscaped throughout the years.

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