Food Garden – Weird and Wonderful Flavours

Your food garden may seem a little bit dull and boring this year, after all, you have been growing and eating the same things year after year. Try something new this year!

Strange but fascinating food crops are becoming more and more popular. It may be something of interest to you, especially if you are one to try new foods and experiment in your food garden. This table gives a brief description of just a few of the up and coming crazes in the taste of this year.

Chaenomeles Cathayensis Zanthoxylum armatum Polymnia sonchifolia Ugni molinae Allim cepa proliferm group
Easy to grow Szechuan pepper Yacon or Peruvian pear Chilean guava Egyptian tree onion or walking onion
Apple blossom flower An attractive tree with big thorns Grows like a big dahlia with architectural foliage Evergreen upright shrub Produces masses of small “spring onions” on top of a stem, each of which produce more onions
    Can be eaten raw   Periphal ones drop off and form new plants, hence “walking”


Why not grow some of these weird and wonderful flavours in your own garden and gain the satisfaction of knowing that you have grown them yourself. Plus you get the added bonus of enjoying the final product. If you have kiddies or grandchildren then this is very fun for them to do and may just encourage them to try something new – and healthy too!