I’m sure its been shorts and flip flops over the last few days and we hope that it doesn’t end here. Here are some garden care tips for this month that you may want to consider:

  • Remember – it’s
    Feed and Weed treatment
    not just your plants that need some extra care during the summer months. The many animals that visit our gardens may be looking for a respite from the warmer weather. Make sure you fill up your birdbaths with fresh cool water and consider moving them to a shadier spot.
  • Gardeners are often confused as to what water is safe to reuse, especially when hosepipe bans are in place. As long as your water isn’t too greasy or dirty, dishwater can be used to water your plants as soil and composts are good at filtering out any contaminants. But don’t use it on your edible crops! Instead, when we do get rain, try and collect some ready for when the sun returns.
    Lawn Mowing, Border Maintenance 12
  • Look after your lawns especially as the weather is warm – give them a good, water if the sun is particularly fierce. A summer lawn feed is also fantastic as it gives them the best nutrients and improves the quality of your lawns.

Plant Focus
Lavender survives well in the dry weather due to their grey foliage, and they will bring lots of wildlife to your garden!

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