Lawn maintenance

The holidays have been and gone, and we hope that everyone has had a great time off work and school over the last couple of weeks. Blue Iris Landscapes came back into full swing this week with new landscaping jobs lined up and our regular customers ready for their next maintenance visit! We will be sure to keep you updated with news and updates!

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Gardening Ideas

If you’re stuck for things to do with the kiddies over the chilly period, then look no further than your garden! Have you considered gardening with the kids? Children love getting their hands dirty so wrap them up warm and get outside!

Planting bulbs is great fun for the kids – watching and waiting to see their bulbs shoot up from the ground and then transform into pretty flowers! Plant winter flowering bulbs such as Winter aconite, Snowdrops, Cyclamen and Crocus. This will provide you with fantastic flowering over a period where the garden is generally quite gloomy.

Supervision is required when planting bulbs with your children in your garden. Generally, bulbs can be poisonous if consumed.

December Tips

  • Make sure you put away your garden tools as the weather gets colder. If you leave them out they will be exposed to the elements and this may cause damage to your garden tools.
  • Make sure you have a look over your garden and look out for any signs of weakness or rot in any of your fences. If there are, you must repair these before the snow and windy weather.
  • Help the wildlife this month by putting out food during this difficult season. The birds, frogs, hedgehogs, etc. will, as a result, be encouraged to stay in your garden where they know that they will get fed! These, in turn, will eat those pesky slugs and other bugs.