Gritting and Snow Clearing

Why not think ahead and prepare for the Snow! We offer snow clearing and gritting for commercial properties as well as residential areas. Reduce the chances of any claims against your company due to winter weather conditions by having a contract with Blue Iris Landscapes Limited.

Did you know…

HSE can either prosecute or close down your company if you have not taken the necessary precautions to reduce the risk of staff, customers or suppliers slipping on ice or snow.

The most common method used to de-ice floors is gritting as it is relatively cheap, quick to apply, and easy to spread. Rock salt (plain and treated) is the most commonly used ‘grit’. It is the substance used on public roads by the highways authority.

Salt can stop ice forming and cause existing ice or snow to melt. It is most effective when it is ground down, but this will take far longer in pedestrian areas than on roads.

Gritting should be carried out when frost, ice, or snow is forecast or when walkways are likely to be damp or wet and the floor temperatures are at, or below freezing. The best times are early in the evening before the frost settles and/or early in the morning before employees arrive. Salt doesn’t work instantly; it needs sufficient time to dissolve into the moisture on the floor.

(Information from HSE Website)

How we can help…

We run a reliable gritting service before 7 am so you have no need to worry when you see the snow and ice. We can also clear snow to make car parks or drives accessible to ensure the continuity of your business. If the temperature drops below 2° C we will automatically come out and grit your paths. This ensures your premises are safe. Fill out a contact form or get in touch now to arrange a free quote for the gritting of your grounds using the numbers on our contact page.