Low Maintenance Garden

A low maintenance garden is designed to reduce the watering, weeding, pruning and general maintenance that is required to ensure your garden looks well looked after. While a garden can be designed to be low maintenance from the start, the below tips are designed to help you create a lower maintenance space, regardless of your current garden design.

Low Maintenance Planting

Grounds Care and MaintenanceInstead of choosing annuals, which can require a lot of maintenance, shrubs or perennials can be used to create a lower maintenance garden. There are many varieties – both flowering and non-flowering – which can be planted to match your chosen aesthetic. Plants should be chosen that are disease and weather resistant and ones that do not need to be staked – all of these will help reduce time spent on plant care.

Install Mulch on Garden Beds

By laying mulch on your beds, you will be suppressing weeds and ensuring that moisture is retained. This trick can help you cut down on both watering and weeding. Bark is a favoured option, but this can also be achieved using shredded leaves, if you would like to ‘do it yourself.’

Downsize Your Lawn

If you do have a lawn, you may find yourself spending hours each summer cutting this. If you choose to extend your beds and downsize your lawn, then less hours will be spent. If you are looking to remove this all together, there are a number of realistic looking varieties of artificial grass – this grass is hardwearing and designed to look as natural as possible, to give you a year-round green finish.

Create A ‘Wild Area’

Corn FlowersA final idea is to create a ‘wild area’ of your garden; this could include wildflowers or wild grass. By sowing the seeds, and fencing off this area, you have a low maintenance space, that will look truly natural and will add some colour throughout the summer months.


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