Looking for answers? Want to know how to best care for your new turf & lawn.

The golden rules for new turf:

  • Keep off the grass! For a minimum of 3 weeks to 3 months.
  • Water, Water, Water & do it regularly! We cannot recommend this enough.
  • Grass needs sunlight, to help your new turf get as much as possible, do not let leaves accumulate.
  • In the beginning whilst the turf is new, do not mow very much at all.
  • Once the grass has settled in, mow often.
  • Top up soil. This will help the grass develop strong roots.

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Established Lawn: From drab to fab.

  • The most important thing to have when improving your lawn health is patience. A healthy lawn is developed, even if you have laid cultured turf, it still needs love and care.
  • During the summer, mow your lawn regularly.
  • One thing many people forget is water, water is an integral part of lawn development and health. Especially in warmer temperatures.
  • As well as feeding your lawn, make sure you are weeding your lawn. Any moss or lawn weeds will prevent lawn growth.
  • Aeration is key – by creating holes through your lawn into the soil will allow air and water to get directly to the root zone of the grass.

Feeding your lawn

We recommend that you use a nitrogen rich lawn feed, twice yearly. The first at the beginning of spring and then again in the middle of august before winter creeps in. In autumn, it is also suggested that you add a good fertiliser feed.

If you are after more information regarding lawn care and treatment see here.