Landscaping Ideas

As we know sometimes it is hard to visualise your garden and think of ideas to improve your garden ready for the summer, we have collected together a few ideas for our readers. These have proven to be popular with many of the clients who have been enquiring over the last few weeks.

Retaining walls

These are very useful when landscaping your garden for obvious reasons. If you have a garden that maybe not as level as you may like, adding a retaining wall can be very useful and can help to terrace your garden. This can be very effective as it sections off different areas in your garden and can add much interest!

Depending on how much soil the wall is retaining may mean that the landscaper needs to build a structural wall. At Blue Iris Landscapes we often have to create sturdy, durable brick walls to retain large quantities of earth, these may include steel in the fabric of the retaining wall to make it very strong.


It’s not just as simple as planting up in your garden. You need to design your borders and decide on a theme. This may include Mediterranean style planting which includes plants such Landscaping - planting as Yukkas, or you might decide to make your garden more appealing to the wildlife by adding strong-scented, bright and colourful plants

Patio area

Indian stone paving is favoured by our landscapers at Blue Iris. This could be done as a standard patio or we often lay Indian stone circles for our clients. This looks really attractive and creates a great place for a BBQ and to sit out during the summer. Coupled with a nicely planted border, this gives great interest through the warmer months. Stone circle patio landscaping




Raised planters

Even a garden which is small can be beautiful. Adding a small wooden sleeper raised bed can add interest to even the smallest of gardens, and these are also ideal for clients who may not be able to kneel down and do their planting or tend to their vegetable patch as they can be raised to the necessary height to make your garden much more practical.


We often get clients who have a hot tub but want to make it a more private area to relax in. Trellis is a great addition as you can then plant and train climbers such as Clematis and Wisteria to create a little piece of paradise around your hot tub area. Alternatively, fencing and hedging are a great addition, although this in itself takes some consideration as there are so many choices!

We hope that you have been enlightened with our garden landscaping ideas for 2016 – have a little think about what you require for your garden this year and maybe incorporate some of these ideas in to your own garden this year. Happy gardening!