Lawn Care

Many lawns around this time of the year are looking barren rather than having a lush green finish they are worn and brown; making your garden look unattractive and needing a bit of attention. Whatever the problem you are probably wondering what sort of grass seed would be the best to revitalise your grass.

The Solution

The top grass seed for domestic purposes was revealed during a trail in Britain, to be a new grass seed called Green Velvet produced by Barenburg. Barenburg is an uncommon name however they have than 100 years of experience in producing products for lawns. Barenburg is endorsed by The Royal Horticultural Society which shows that their products of high quality are trusted.

How much will you need?

Barenburg has primarily been a supplier to groundsmen of golf clubs and racecourses, however, from this year they are supplying their grass seed for home gardeners. The grass seed will be available in packs of 1kg bags this would be enough to cover a 30sq yd of new lawn or 42 sq yd for repairing those brown patches. The grass seed includes Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi, which is a root boosting product commonly used in the Royal Horticultural Society’s gardens.

Every lawn is different and requires different treatment so for more information specific to your lawn’s needs please don’t hesitate to contact us.