Over Wintering Citrus

We want to bring to our reader’s attention some things overwintering citrus. All citrus plants need winter protection, and for high qualities batch a frost-free greenhouse (10-15c/50-59f) or airy conservatory is best, however, a sunny windowsill in an unheated room is also a good idea. Water the citrus plants moderately in winter and allow the surface to dry out between watering.

It is important to keep the humidity at a high level especially in homes with central heating. Over-watering can cause leaves to yellow and fall.


Citrus Min night Temp Over-wintering advice


Lemon(Citrus Limon) 5-10c(41-50f) Very sensitive to temperature change
Lime(Citrus Aurantiifolia) 12-16c(54-61) Young growths can be killed by frost
Makrut Lime(Citrus x meyeri ‘meyer’) 15c(59f) Over winter in a bright place
Sour of bitter Orange(Citrus aurantium) 5-10c(41-46f) Can stand lower temperatures and can withstand some frost
Calamondin(X Citrofortunella microcarpa, Citrus mitis)


12-16c(54-61f) Dislikes to much winter warmth keep cool and bright
Grapefruit or Pomelo(Citrus x paradise)




Sensitive to low temperatures. Keep above 10c (50f)
Mandarin Orange(Citrus reticulate mandarin group)


5c(41f) One of hardiest citrus, but likes to be kept cool and bright
Sweet Orange(Citrus sinensis)


5c(41f) Relatively hardy but likes as much sunlight in winter as possible


Citrus Plants can be a nice addition to the garden however they are very prone to frost and after the winter we have had this year it is important knowing which will survive the best but also how you will be able to look after them over the winter.

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