Helpful tips and ideas for new additions to your garden:

Growing fruit involves some initial ground preparation but once established they require only a little maintenance such as pruning and feeding.


These are the easiest fruit to grow with a harvest season ranging from August through to the late season in December.


These are a popular homegrown summer fruit that grow well in the garden or in containers. They grow around mid-June with good flavoured, medium-sized fruit.


These take up more space than other fruits but they are a delicious treat and also freeze well allowing them to be enjoyed months after harvest. Autumn fruiting raspberries are easier to manage and less affected by disease however they are also a summer fruit cultivar. They will crop from late July to early October.


The blackcurrant season runs from early July to mid-August.


Blueberries are a bit different as they require acid soil. If your garden’s soil is alkaline, we recommend planting them in a container filled with ericaceous compost.

‘Duke’ is easy to grow and produces an early crop of medium to large fruit. It flowers late so is good for frost-prone sites and is partly self-fertile. ‘Spartan’ also has excellent flavour with early to mid-season, medium-sized fruit, on a vigorous plant.

Growing your own fruit can be great they are easy to look after and they give you some tasty fruit to eat. Knowing when the season is for different fruit can be helpful. So if you would like more information on the fruit trees that we have looked at in this article or if you would like more information on another fruit tree then please contact us.