Helpful tips and ideas for new additions to your garden:

Violet purple daisies are usually associated with autumn, however, Erigeron ‘Dunkelste Aller’ can flower as early as May and can go on for six weeks given a warm, sunny position in the garden. Erigerons were highly popular years ago but their tendency to flower themselves out after two or three years makes them rarer in gardens these days. This is unfortunate because their delicate quality really captures the softness of summer. Their purple petals are fine rays surrounding a yellow centre. They are most commonly found growing in rocky places, meadows, open prairies and woodland.

Growing Tips

Violet purple daisies tend to live longer if they are cut down straight after flowering and divided regularly (every two to three years), just as they get going in March or April. This will help keep the vigour in the plant. All Erigerons prefer well-drained soil and sunshine and they resent damp soil in winter.

Good companions

Use dark forms like ‘Dunkelste Aller’ as a contrast with silver-leafed plants like English lavenders ‘Hidcote’ or the lemon rock rose Helianthemum. Dark forms can also look well in front of summer flowering shrubs, such as Philadelphus and pink Kolkwitizia amabilis.

Violet Purple Daisies are a wonderful way of adding colour to your garden, if you have any further queries about Dasies then please contact us.