Don’t panic! We’re not wishing summer away, but it’s a gardener’s prerogative to think ahead to the upcoming months.

Autumn has been the muse for many poets; John Keats described it as the ‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ in his poem To Autumn. We may enter autumn with yearning for the summer but there’s plenty to be enjoyed in the transition of seasons.

Whilst summer sees gardens bursting with colour, autumn offers its very own palette of warmth that is no less enjoyable. Many trees, shrubs and climbers enjoy a final hurrah of vibrance before losing their leaves. Many autumnal flowers provide colour throughout the season into winter.

Our top picks for Autumn plants:

The Amelanchier x grandiflora is a tree for all seasons, but particularly autumn. Nicknamed ‘Autumn Brilliance’, it’s leaves turn from green in spring to a brilliant red in autumn.

If you’re looking for drama in your garden then the Colchicum, also known as autumn crocus, is the one for you. They are very similar to waterlilies as they flower without any leaves in September and October in pink and purple petals.

For a festive touch, Cotoneaster shrubs produce red berries in the autumn and is a shrub that grows well across the ground or on a wall.

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