August is the perfect time to get started on pruning Wisteria, cutting back the new growth in your garden. I’m sure that you’ve enjoyed seeing your beautiful Wisteria bloom over the past few months. By following these steps, you will help encourage healthy growth and flowering for next year.

The branches to be pruned will be whip-like and small which makes them easy to spot. From the base of the Wisteria, you will have to go up six leave or buds depending on the plant, and cut the branches above the leaf or bud. This will remove all of the vigorous growth that you will have at the moment. It may seem harsh cutting off so much growth but this actually encourages future growth and healthy flowering.

You may find it easier to start pruning from the bottom of the Wisteria and work your way to the top, please take caution though if you are using ladders. The next time that you will need to prune the Wisteria is January / February time.

If you have any questions then please contact us. We would love to hear from you and help you to get your garden looking fantastic, ready for the upcoming months.