RHS Advice

Crown lifting trees, shrubs, and bamboos
Crown lifting is basically the technique used to remove the lower branches of a plant to produce trunks or stems that are taller and clearer. This allows better access and allows light and air through the canopy. As well as accentuating the colour and stem structure, it also creates planting space beneath for ground cover for perennials and bulbs.
Deciduous plants are best pruned in late autumn early winter whilst they lie dormant. Evergreens should be pruned late winter or early spring.
 Home gardeners can tackle the pruning of small, young trees and those reached with a long-handled pruning saw. Treating young trees also helps minimise the scaring which can be left by pruning cuts.     
Pines, firs, and spruces are best pruned just before they come into new growth in spring, whereas those such as cedars and junipers are best being crown lifted in late summer. If you have a tall (5ft and over) tree which is matured, it is advisable to be pruned by a professional tree surgeon.     
Removing the lowest branches and thinning weaker stems exposes the lowest part of stems (culms), this emphasises the contrast between the culms and the foliage. Late spring or early summer is the best time to crown lift bamboos.                

Larger Shrubs   

Evergreen Arbutus unendo (strawberry tree) has beautiful red-brown peeling bark that is best shown off to its best effect when the lower stems have been cleared.   
If you would like to know more about Crown lifting on trees, shrubs and bamboo or if you have a large tree that needs its crown lifting then please contact us and we will be happy to come and give you a free quote.