Smoke-Treating Seeds

Plants native to regions prone to frequent wildfires, such as the fynobos in South Africa and kwongan in Australia produce seeds that may fail to germinate unless exposed to fire, conditions of which are hard to imitate in home gardens.

Artificial Fire

Breaking dormancy and germinating seeds of plants can be stimulated by exposure to chemicals in smoke derived from burning plant material. ‘Instant’ smoke treatments were therefore developed where papers are installed with smoke saturated water.

Applying Smoke Treatments

  • Place a smoke disk into a container and add the recommended amount of water.
  • Immerse the seeds and soak in the smoke solution for 24 hours.
  • Sow immediately in a free-draining compost with extra sand.
  • Providing contrasting day and night temperatures may aid germinating in certain species.

Smoke treating seeds can mean that you are able to have plants in your garden that are commonly found in South Africa and Australia. If you have any further questions about smoke treating seeds then please contact us.