Snow Clearing

As winter gets underway, the temperature starts to drop and the wind picks up. Another contributing factor of winter is snow! As snow has already been forecast to kick off winter, this article will help you stay ‘one step ahead’.

At Blue Iris, we offer a reliable snow and grit clearing service. As all of our clients and potential clients are important to us we ensure that this service is offered to all. For many of our clients, who hold maintenance contracts with us, this service is included in that contract and therefore we will automatically come out. However, we also offer this snow clearing and grit service on an ad-hoc basis. This ensures that when you call, Blue Iris Landscapes come and grit.

Furthermore, this service is also extended to commercial businesses. It is statistically proven that the number of trip and slip hazards increase over the autumn and winter months as a result of the weather conditions. At Blue Iris Landscapes we feel that the safety of our employees is extremely important that is why when clearing the snow and gritting commercial companies we concentrate on the areas most used by pedestrians.

Our snow clearing and gritting service is essential as it protects everybody, whether that be an individual from an accident or a company from an incident which could lead to legal action.

For more information about our services and Health and Safety requirements, please see our snow clearing and gritting page.

If we can be of any further assistance, then please feel free to contact us.