Summer Bedding Plants

The easiest way to brighten up your garden is by planting summer bedding plants. Bedding plants are easy to grow and care for and can be grown in hanging baskets, pots and borders. The most common way of buying bedding plants is in pots or trays. When buying your bedding plants in pots, be careful not to damage the roots when separating individual plant. Buying in trays may be a little easier as these plants are grown in separate, individual pots, making them easier to separate.

You can also buy bedding plants which are called plug plants. These are bigger than seedlings and are grown in trays. Mini plugs will need to be planted in larger containers before moving them outside, but jumbo plugs can be planted straight into the soil. Good, quality plugs should be damp, have green healthy leaves and their roots should be appearing through the bottom of each cell.

Most Recommended:

Sweet peas are a common bedding plant as they provide colour and scent to your garden.  With the right support, they can grow as tall as 1.8m! You can use sweet peas as a screen to separate your vegetable patch or to add privacy to your seating area.

Pansies are also beautiful bedding plants which grow in a mix of vibrant colours. Pansies bloom best in full sun, but afternoon shade helps them to last longer in warmer climates. Pansies like soil that is moist but not soggy. Ensure you remove any dead leaves and flowers to promote further healthy growth and better flowering!

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