Blue Iris Landscapes Garden Maintenance and Landscaping

Summer Garden Preparation

Now is the ideal time for your Summer Garden Preparation! Before you can enjoy relaxing in the sun you may need to complete a few chores first.

1: The first job will be tidying up your borders and flower beds.

  •  Cut back any dead growth on your existing plants -Remove any rotting leaves, twigs and any other items that may have found their way onto your borders.
  • Turn over your soil to prepare for new plants.

2: Fix any fences or gates that may have broken over the winter months.

  • During a dry spell, it is a good time to treat any wooden structures with wood preservative.
  • Repair or replace any broken fence panels
  • Screw down or replace any loose decking panels.
  • Check fence posts for damage too – they may have rotted or broken over the winter months.
  • Trellising may have broken and damaged your plants so it is best to fix or replace this sooner rather than later.

3:  Remove any garden pests!

  • Remove any slugs or snails from your flowers.
  • Invest in a pest repellent from your local store.

4: Install a water butt

  • During dry spells where there may be a hose pipe ban, water butts can provide water for your plants
  • Install your water butt below a down pipe to maximise the amount of water you will collect during wet spells.

5: Think of getting a compost bin

  • You can buy ready made compost bins from your local store or make your own with old fence panels.
  • Vegetable cuttings from your kitchen or grass trimmings and wood pruning’s from your garden can be used.

Relaxing Garden

6: Enjoy

By completing these simple chores in your garden you can make it ready for the summer! You can enjoy your garden as much as possible over the summer months whether it be entertaining guests or having a family bbq. If you do have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We love to hear from all of our readers and help them to make their garden one to be proud of!