Tender Hippeastrum

Hippeastrum bear impressive flowers to enliven winter days.

Plant the bulb into a 13cm (5in) with the top two-thirds of the bulb above the surface of the soil. Water in and place in a well-lit spot in temperature between 15 and 18 degrees. Water sparingly at first, adding more as growth develops. Avoid water standing in saucers and pots with no drainage holes, this can cause the roots and base of the bulb to rot. Flower spikes should appear in six to eight weeks.

When flowering has finished, continue watering and apply a balanced liquid fertilizer every 7-10 days. To give bulbs a rest, from late August gradually reduce water and stop feeding. Move to a cool, well-lit position for 8-10 weeks.

Tender Hippeastrum can add interest to your garden if you have questions or you seem to be having a problem with you Tender Hippeastrum then please contact us.