Gardening jobs to do in OCTOBER:

These are just some of the jobs we will be carrying out as we go around and maintain our customers’ gardens during the month of October:

1. The soil is still warm from the summer so we recommend planting hardy trees and shrubs. By planting in the autumn, the plants will establish themselves ready for a good start next spring.

2. Leaves are like a golden brown carpet at the moment, so try not to view collecting them as a chore – these leaves make excellent compost when mixed in with grass and weeds. Ideally, your compost heap should be turned on a regular basis. We usually do this in late Autumn or early winter when there is less to do in the rest of the garden.

3. Climbing roses should be pruned and tied back before the autumn winds gain strength and cause wind rock, which loosens the roots and makes them susceptible to damage.

Buddleias should be pruned back to about waist height. This will neaten them up for the winter and reduce wind rock, as in the case of roses. We prune to waist height rather than only 150-300mm from the ground in case of a hard frost. A very hard frost will kill the top 150mm of the plant, so if you prune to waist height this top 150mm can be killed off without affecting the rest of the plant.

5. Remove summer bedding that is past its best. Pots and baskets can be emptied out and refilled with new compost. Bulbs and winter bedding can then be planted.

6. Harvest late crops that frosts could damage, such as peas, beans, and kohlrabi.

7. Lift dahlias and tuberous begonias to store in dry conditions over the winter.

If you have any further questions or if you would like Blue Iris’s help in your garden then please contact us and will come as soon as we can to give you a quote for your garden. Contact us on our Free Phone number 0800 0937926 or Head Office 01782 396168.